Hong Kong!


We landed this morning in Hong Kong after a 14 hour flight. Leaving on Friday, we weren’t sure we were going to make it out of the gate. We made a decision Thursday evening to book a cab at 4:45 to take us to the airport. Sure enough, 4:45 comes and goes with no cab. After placing a call to the cab company, the cab driver calls to tell us he’s late… actually, his exact words were “I know I should be there now.” 25 minutes after that, I finally pulled the plug. Luckily, my neighbor was home and was able to give us a ride. But a nice hair raiser to start.

We made it safely to Vancouver to find it snowing at YVR, normally cause for joy except in times of travel. Our flight was delayed 20 minutes already at 9pm (for a 2am flight). The snow continued to fall all evening, gradually increasing in intensity but short of a snow storm. We left the gate late as expected but the de-icing procedure took nearly an hour and a half!

We reached Hong Kong at 9am local time this morning (plus one day, I’ve never seen time go so fast) and grabbed a train into town. We spent most of the morning exploring the streets of Hong Kong and then settled into the City Hall Maxim’s Palace for some Dim Sum. Afterwards, we caught a ferry across the harbor to check out the Golden Mile. From there, we blitzed back to the airport and are currently awaiting our flight to Dhaka.