Ingalls Pass and Yellow Larches


It’s fall in the Pacific Northwest and we’d been hearing and reading trip reports that indicated the larches were in full color. It’s the first time Anne and I have been hiking since we’ve gotten back from the Haute Route and it felt good to pack up our gear and get a day hike to such a spectacular location.


Of course, the word was out and we met up with several hundred of our closest friends at the trailhead who were also making similar pilgrimages to the enchanted land of larches at Ingalls Pass. Fortunately, the trail was well graded and the day was pleasantly warm, which made the hike a good one and we made good time to the pass where we again joined the melee of people and caught our first sight of the color below us.

Anne and I both had some goals in mind for the hike. First, we wanted to capture some panoramas of the scene in Photosynth.

I also wanted to try and capture some images that were not just “taking in the sights” but tried to capture the spectacular color in new and interesting ways. I’ve been interested for a while in trying to make more “painterly” images and so I experiemented with capturing multiple images and combining them into single exposures in camera.