Palmeraies are an important part of life in Morocco. If you travel to the desert at all, either to Merzouga or to M’hamid you’ll undoubtedly drive past them. And if you have the chance to stop and wander around, I’d highly encourage it.

Palmeraies are important for several different reasons. Primarily the palm trees are a source of palm dates, which the country is famous for. However, the palmeraies are also used agriculturally. Under the cool shade of the trees, fields are maintained in small plots surrounded by mud brick walls and small paths.

In the short time I had wandering I was exposed to people in a far more natural setting than in any of the towns we visited. I was approached and talked to spontaneously, despite the camera in my hands.


If there’s one regret I have in Morocco, it’s that we didn’t take more time to slow down and explore these incredible places.