Today we started making our way further around the Kathmandu Valley with a day trip to Patan.  Patan is one of three towns in the Kathmandu valley where the Mallas sought to outdo each other with temples and the like, so it’s got quite the rich history. 

We got a late start, only getting the taxi around 11. This because we ran into some fellow trekkers, Scott and Murry, at the Casa de Cafe. We’d bumped into these two on our last day before flying out of Lukla. They were on their way up to Everest Base Camp.  We caught up over lattes and breakfast. I’ve been amazed at how many people from the trek we’ve since seen wandering around Thamel.

The taxi dropped us off by the fair trade stores. Unlike in Thamel, these stores have fixed prices with the added benefit that you can also be sure the crafts men and women are being fairly paid for their work. We walked up and down the street and in and out of many stores looking at the wares and making some small purchases.

Next, we made our way to the Patan City Gate.  We grabbed some snacks at an awesome little Indian eatery called Anmol Sweet. We had a couple samosas and burfis each, along with some tea and a lassi. The food was spectacular and it was the cheapest we’ve had in the valley.

From there we followed the Lonely Planet walking tour for Patan. It’s an enjoyable walk that takes you through some back alleys, from one ornate thing to another. Patan isn’t as busy as downtown Kathmandu so it was a little more relaxed as well.  We ended the tour in Durbar Square (not the same Durbar Square as in Kathmandu. There are a lot of Durbar Squares… it turns out as there is one in Bhaktapur as well) where we wandered around, photographing shrines and temples like all the rest of the tourists.